1. Saint John Kastri Location

The most beautiful landmark of Skopelos island. The famous church from the Hollywood movie of “Mamma Mia” is built on the top of a huge rock in which the visitor has to climb about 100 steps to reach the top. Gorgeous place with a breath taking view. The legends about how the church ended up on the top of the rock are plenty. What is most important is that every visitor should have Saint John on his list of places he has to visit.

  1. Sentoukia
    Ancient tombs.
  1. Monasteries

Monastery of Saint Riginos, Monastery of Prodromos, Monastery of Evagelistria, Monastery of Sotira, Monastery of Saint Varvara and last but not least the monastery of saints Taksiarhes. Skopelos island has big and small churches whose total are 360.

  1. The folklore museums of Skopelos and Glossa.
  2. The castle of Episkopi
  3. The castle of Skopelos
  4. The castle of Loutraki