SKOPELOS combines Green with Blue. Beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, traditional villages covered in trees, unique roads with a variety of landscapes. Skopelos is the greenest island in the Mediterranean and is one of many reason that will remain unforgettable to all visitors .


  1. Kastani Beach

A place for relaxation and beauty, Kastani has a sandy beach and crystal clear water which became popular from the filming of Mamma Mia.

  1. Milia Beach

The biggest beach of Skopelos and the most popular. One beach that is surrounded by the green foliage of the pine trees which reaches the sea front

  1. Panormos Beach

Panormos beach is located in the center of the island, easy to reach and a beautiful gulf which provides protection to fishermen’s boats during winter. With a variety of restaurants and rooms for rent.

  1. Neo Klima – (Elios)

A town which is located between the seafront and the highest mountain of the island. Plenty of restaurants and rooms to rent to choose from. To cover all needs.

  1. Saint John Kastri beach

Is very small but very beautiful. A combination of the church on top of the rock and the natural beauty of the area is unique.

Other beaches that can easily be reached by the main road, are : Agnontas, Stafylos, Limnonari, Hovolo, Armenopetra, Loutraki (the second port of the island), Perivoliou and other smaller ones.